Delicious Export to Google Bookmarks Uploader

Upload to Google Bookmarks

This javascript bookmarklet uploads exported Delicious bookmarks to your Google Bookmarks account.

  1. Drag the link above to your browser toolbar.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to Google Bookmarks
  3. Export your bookmarks from Delicious
  4. Open the download file in you browser
  5. Click the bookmarklet you dragged to the tookbar
  6. Wait a little while the script assembles the upload for Google
  7. You'll be redirected to the Google Bookmark bulk upload page. All of your Delicious bookmarks, with tags should be listed ready for import

All imported bookmarks are private by default. Unfortunately you cannot import annotations against bookmarks.

A few people have reported that Firefox hangs with large exports (over 4MB or 12000 bookmarks). I'm looking into this now. In the meantime I'd recommend using Chrome if you have a large number of bookmarks.

Please report any issues you have.

Change log

Remove dependency on jQuery.
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